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Levi Dorit
Dorit Levi has created a unique style, forged of her artistic vision and of a wealth of personal experiences. The joie de vivre of her Yemenite upbringing emerges in the joyous dance of her figures, painted in lively colors. The vast savannahs of Uganda, where she lived for several years permeate her drawings with warm bright colors, and the flow and movement of the vibrant figures imbibe Uganda’s colorful markets and their people in embroidered garb. The influences of Bolivian artist Boulange, as well as cubists Picasso, Leger, and Braque are a background for the distinct signature of Levi’s lyrical style.

Dorit’s works are remarkable in her use of gold leaf, her outstanding attention to detail and her complex compositions. Different focal points reveal diverse aspects and configurations inside the same drawing, with new possibilities unfolding constantly.

Born to a Yemenite family in Israel in 1952, Dorit Levi grew up among warmhearted people and a culture of much laughter. Her extraordinary talent motivated her to study at the prestigious ‘Wizzo-France Art School’ in Tel Aviv, where she was the dedicated student of Edwin Salomon, a most prominent Israeli artist.

The works of Dorit are displayed in various galleries and collections throughout the world, attesting to her exceptional talent. Her works may be found in Israel, the United States, Canada, France, and Japan.

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Jerusalem hanukiah-2 Jerusalem hanukiah-2
sheep sheep
flower vase#2 flower vase#2
Tree of Life tzedaka box Tree of Life tzedaka box
blue eye mezuzah blue eye
the light the light
golden hamsa golden hamsa
magen david magen david
dove magen david dove magen david

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