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Galina didur
Galina Didur (also known as Galina Dor) was born in Kharkov, Ukraine, in 1961. Froman early age, she developed interest and curiosity in the Fine Arts, and very naturally she attended an Art School (1978-1982). Between 1982 and 1985 she studied at the Art High School and from 1985 to 1990 at the Kharkov Art Academy, choosing as a major Monumental Decorative Painting. In 1994 Galina immigrated to Israel. Beginning her artistic journey, she joined the “Tzlaliot” group in Kharkov. The group developed a unique approach toward form, based on the principles of the Avant-Garde and figurative styles, following the analytic school of Pavl Filonov, characterized by a mystic method of painting. While in Italy, Galina was given the opportunity to see and study the Frescoes of the Italian Renaissance Artists. Consequently, Galina’s art style and techniques changed, becoming more tangible and clear, with greater emphasis on texture. Therefore, she began to create a base and an infrastructure for her tempera painting, which would facilitate in creating effects of crevices, similar to the Frescoes. In order to reach this kind of effort, Galina utilizes gold color in the early stage of the paintings, so the observer could sense the rays of light rising and flaring out of the crevices. By this technique, Galina attempts to present a metaphor, in which the whole world is cracked and obsolete. The themes of her works are all connected to historical and Biblical events; Jewish and universal on the one hand, portraits, views and abstract themes on the other. The frames of the paintings are of great importance to Galina. The frame is a connector between the subjects of the paintings and their physical presence. The frames are an integral part of the paintings and are related to the characters located in the paintings. This, a sense of the paintings’ characters breaking out the boundary between the real and the possible is created, giving the impression that the characters live independently.

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