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Esther Myatlov
Esther Myatlov’s favorite media are oil on canvas and oil on wood. She layers several thin coatings of transparent color on her chosen surface, a technique that requires much accuracy and skill. In this way, she achieves a strong illumination of the painting from deep within. She then uses fiery colors and unambiguous contours to convey a joyous atmosphere, with an ethnic-mythological flavor.

The vocabulary of her palette is also characteristic of her realistic composition. It is light and rhythmic with romantic images making music, dancing or otherwise relating. The abstract landscape is but a background for the all-important dialogue of the delicate and elegant figures. Myatlov’s style symbolizes her realistic view of the world and its people.

Esther Myatlov was born in Russia in 1976, where she graduated the ‘School of Fine Arts’ in her hometown. In 1995, she immigrated to Israel where she continued her art studies at the “Avni Institute of Art” in Tel Aviv. During her studies, she experimented with classical Russian art and with contemporary Israeli art and fused them together to create her unique style. Among others, she has been influenced by the notable French painter Ona. She also mastered the art of animation and she has created numerous animated video clips for rock bands.

Myatlov’s artwork is exhibited in many private collections in the United States, Russia and Israel. Her large murals are to be found in several public buildings in Israel, and her solo exhibitions have had considerable success with the public and the media

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