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Domar Artists Ltd
Domar Artists Ltd. a family owned manufactory in Israel, established 1978, takes pride in offering a wide selection of artistic giftware and Judaica for every occasion and budget.

Using genuine platinum and gold colors, Domar Artists Ltd. transforms modern ceramics into extraordinary works of art.

Domar Artists is known for its uniqueness and is considered a leading producer and exporter of artistic giftware. The superior quality of their products have earned the company high marks in excellence. As a result, many creations have been given as gifts to colleges and business counterparts in private and public sectors.

The manufactory has the ability to produce co-operative gifts with company logos and other individual requests.
At this gallery we present a unique collection of Hanukkah menorahs, plates, vases, mezuzahs, candlesticks with beautiful motifs.
These items are made with hand painted ceramics burned at high temperatures (1170 C) which makes the coloring strong and lasting and afterwards these items are individually decorated with 925 sterling silver.
You will find pieces in different sizes, shapes and decorations such as The Old City of Jerusalem, The Tree of Life, pomegranates, grasses, wheat, fruits, menorah and more. It is easy to combine different pieces to create dazzling sets.

Olive Branch $** Only
Jerusalem hanukiah-2 Jerusalem hanukiah-2
sheep sheep
flower vase#2 flower vase#2
Tree of Life tzedaka box Tree of Life tzedaka box
blue eye mezuzah blue eye
the light the light
golden hamsa golden hamsa
magen david magen david
dove magen david dove magen david

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