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Gendelman was raised and became an artist against the backdrop of her native Crimea's mountains, Black Sea, narrow streets and old cities. Throughout her art education and career, Gendelman's main theme has been cityscapes.
However, she got her special inspiration after moving to Israel. The gift of this artist is a rare and deep understanding of the spirit of the streets of Jerusalem and Tsfat. The grandeur and the character of Jerusalem, the walls and gates of the holy city as well as the mystical quality of the ancient city of Tsfat can all be found in her work.

Olive Branch $** Only
Jerusalem hanukiah-2 Jerusalem hanukiah-2
sheep sheep
flower vase#2 flower vase#2
Tree of Life tzedaka box Tree of Life tzedaka box
blue eye mezuzah blue eye
the light the light
golden hamsa golden hamsa
magen david magen david
dove magen david dove magen david

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