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Jerusalem in Gold Tallit

Vista in Color tallit

Vista in Turquoise tallit

Jerusalem in Color tallit

Jerusalem in Blue tallit

Miriam and Debora tallit

Jerusalem Dove in Blue tallit

Jerusalem Dove in Color tallit

The Twelve Tribes in Color tallit

The Twelve Tribes in Blue tallit

Jerusalem Gate in Color tallit

Jerusalem Gate in Blue tallit


Kiddush cups
Shabbat candlesticks
Challah boards
Havdalah sets
Wine fountain
Chanukah menorahs
Passover plates
Tzedakah boxes
Torah pointers (yad)
Chamsot (wall)

challa bord challa bord
challa bord challa bord
sculpture sculpture
dancers dancers
dancers02 dancers02
flower vase flower vase
flower vase#4 flower vase#4
flower vase#5 flower vase#5
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